Sleazy Reads: 25 Vintage Paperbacks of Ill Repute

Back before the internet began providing the world with a cornucopia of sleaze the people of Earth used to read things called books (basically stacks of bound paper with words on them – look it up, it’s a real thing). And, men being men, a lot of these books were of the sleazy variety and were a favorite among adult smut connoisseurs. The sheer number of sleazy reads published during the 1960s and 70s is nothing short of amazing – all supplied by a variety of publishers more than willing to meet the demand for trashy paperbacks. Here is a gallery of 25 such books.

In a generation where it’s all about digital, visual and quick information, it’s easy to forget about the literary. And these steamy books will leave you questioning why you scroll endlessly through Netflix when you can just pick up a book instead.


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