Book Review: The ABC's of Sad Panda in Quarantine: A Parody Book for Adults

The ABC's of Sad Panda in Quarantine: A Parody Book for Adults by Samantha Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really had no idea what to expect from this book when the author first reached out to me requesting a review. But, and call me crazy; I loved this book.
Yes, it's kind of weird, but I've always had an off-beat sort of personality, so I found it oddly hilarious. It perfectly captures the existential dread we’ve all been living with. Making Sad Panda the perfect comedy hero for our times. He is perplexed, bewildered and astonished by most of what goes on around him. Yet he always seems able, nonetheless, to do hold it all together, whether he planned it that way or not.
The books humorous and colorful illustrations, done in a style common to all children’s books, greatly add to the overall fun of the experience. And the brazen alphabet that Smith has created will instantly transport you back to a time when you were young, flipping through an adorable, picture-filled publication and taking in all the information with wide-eyed amusement. Which is great if you have a solid sense of humor (and not one of those douche bags who insists on taking themselves too seriously).
Best of all, you'll feel slightly less isolated after reading it. As the message Smith has managed to articulate is a resounding message of unification and a reminder that we're all (still) in this shit together, (so try to relax asshole).
If you’re a fan of the Far Side, or idiosyncratic, quirky, humor in general, then this book is for you. (Fair warning though: it’s a book for adults! Don’t mistakenly buy this for your six year and then send them to school with it). No child should read this. (Except maybe the cool ones). Although, I will say the book could have been a bit more rude for my liking (ha!) otherwise, bravo.


  1. So many of my friends could use this book. Thanks for doing a review.

    1. No problem! I think a lot of people could benefit from this book right now, lol.


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