Podcast: The Bastard Sons of Oedipus (Episode 27)

The Bastard Sons of Oedipus: The new podcast from the demented minds of three of the webs most vociferous miscreants. Where they discuss literature, the ever collapsing state of western civilization, and shit talking until they get bored.

As critic Justine Jones described it: “It’s like a Freudian slip into your Mom’s DM’s.” 


Cody Sexton: Managing Editor for A Thin Slice of Anxiety and author of American Bullshit: Essays at the Margins and All the Sweet Prettiness of Life

G.C. McKayYouTuber and author of FubarSauced up, Scarred, and at Sleaze, and Heather

James Bergman: Book reviewer from the YouTube channel Ahead of the Curve

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