Call for Submissions: Anxious Nothings (Vol. 1)

A Thin Slice of Anxiety is seeking shameless tell-all stories for our first ever issue of Anxious Nothings: Vol. 1

Anxious Nothings is an annual print journal of disreputable storytelling, written by and for disturbed sweethearts, dipshits, degenerates, miscreants, decadent depraved reprobates, rumormongers and gloryhole habitués of all demographics. 

(In other words: If your writing is too obscene to be published elsewhere, we definitely want to fucking hear from you!)

And if textual exhibitionism isn’t really your thing, we also invite visual artists to arouse our insatiable voyeuristic predilections.

(Vol. 1 theme: Sexual Mis/Adventures: First, worst, best, weird, most memorable, etc.)

There is unfortunately very little money to be made in peddling profane literature. However, contributors will receive $20 (in addition to the respect and admiration of our depraved readership).

• Recommended length is under 5,000 words (but if your piece needs more space, we won’t necessarily reject it. We may be assholes, but we aren’t fucking assholes).
• Submit your work to: with the subject line: Anxious Nothings Vol. 1
• You may publish your work under a pseudonym (your identity is safe with us).
• Collaborations are cool with us too.
• Everything else: prose, lists, reviews, interviews, etc. fucking surprise us. (Just make sure the work is visceral enough to move us and that it relates to the current issues theme.)
• For visual art, send high-res JPGs in full color or B&W

DEADLINE: January 31st 2022

Now closed for submissions