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A Most Eccentric Affair

Late in the afternoon we received an invitation to Mr. Greenwood’s home for a party he was throwing.  The usual guests were there, Mrs. Stephenson and her son, James the doorman, and Steve Wilcox the building manager were all in attendance. As well as a few other guests and family I was little acquainted with. It came about rather oddly, some would later go on to say, even hastily, that Arthur Greenwood had decided to throw this party. But, this was to be no ordinary party. It was Mr. Greenwood’s suicide party. The biggest event of the year as it turned out, at least for this small cadre of guests, and Mrs. Greenwood had spared no expense in putting it together. It soon however became obvious to us as the night progressed that Mr. Greenwood had had a change of heart, infuriating guests and family alike, as we all had expected to be witness to this amazing event. His wife being the most livid of all. However, he still continued to talk about it. Late into the night. And he kept saying…

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