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Dear A Thin Slice of Anxiety and Anxiety Press Readers, In the smoky haze of our literary den, a new figure emerges from the shadows, bearing the torch of connectivity and the allure of wordsmithing mastery. His name?  Steve Passey , the latest addition to our ragtag band of misfits, now donning the mantle of Media Coordinator. Hailing from the rugged expanses of Southern Alberta, Passey brings with him not just tales that captivate the mind but also a knack for weaving webs of communication and engagement.  But Passey's role transcends mere storytelling; he's the conductor of our symphony, orchestrating the dance between author and audience. As our Media Coordinator, he's the maestro of interviews, the architect of reviews, and the artisan of blurbs, ensuring that our voices resonate far and wide in the vast expanse of the literary cosmos. So, fellow misfits, if you crave the spotlight of recognition or yearn for the whispers of acclaim, fear not. Passey stands ready to gu

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