Column: Courtenay’s Highlights

This is a column is intended to highlight singular work from a variety of authors. All too often collections are favoured, but they aren’t everything. The beauty lies within a single piece of work; standing the test of time.

Little Rock Suicide Girl by Jay Parr: 
Little Rock Suicide Girl, published by Identity Theory, is how I wish stories were told in day to day conversation. Parr masters that beatnik edge in this splendid essay about his time as a truck driver. 

Darlene by Dustin Cole: 
Darlene, published by Apocalypse Confidential, is a fascinating poem. It reads like a story, which would put it in the realm of prose poetry. It’s lyrical in the way that an indie rap song might be. Dustin Cole really went hard with this piece. 

Mandlebrot’s Fractals, Unstrung by Bobby Parrott: 
Mandlebrot’s Fractals, Unstrung—published by Outcast Press—is a unique little poem. Inspired by complex mathematics, Parrott breaks down intricate theories and creates a delicious dish that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Photography by Margot Stillings: 
I adore photography, I even attempt to take my own. Margot’s work embodies the aesthetic I love. These photographs, published by Punk Noir Magazine, could also serve as some inspiration for poems and stories. 

Solstice by Chen Chen: 
Solstice, published by Olney Magazine, is a poem of sparse language and structure. Chen Chen is one of the most lauded poets around. In this poem, he is almost frantic in expressing his relationships. This desperation is extremely clear throughout, and it is what makes the piece so intricate. 


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