Fiction: Today’s Session: “Circus Performer”

By PJ Grollet

I appreciate you being able to meet with me on such short notice.
Lately, the dreams have been ceaseless; one after the other the whole night long. I can’t keep up writing them all down. It was tough deciding which one to bring in today, but I figured we’d start with a dream I titled, “Circus Performer.”
The dream is with Griselda, the Peruvian woman I mentioned to you before. If you remember, she and I dated over 5 years ago; it was that odd (and at the time, convenient) years long relationship focused entirely on sex. The last year we dated, I never even took her out. She just came over to my place once, twice a week to fuck. She didn’t spend the night anymore either. That’s why I stopped seeing her; I needed something more.
Anyhow, in the dream:
Griselda is driving a car and I’m in the passenger seat.
We’re driving downtown, we pass by a hotel, and I say, “That’s a nice place. I’ve stayed there before.”
We continue down the road and I reach my hand into her crotch, and I play with Griselda through her tight jeans.
She gets off on that and with her foot still on the gas, she leans her head into my lap, undoes my pants and sucks my dick.
It’s good head but it seems like a dangerous way to drive. So, while her head bobs up and down on me, I place my hands on the steering wheel—so we don’t crash.
Griselda then suddenly jumps into the backseat. She rips her pants off and then her panties and she wants me to jump into the backseat too.
All this happens while the car continues to drive itself down the thoroughfare.
I don’t trust self-driving cars, so I jump into the driver’s seat, and I look for a place to park before Griselda changes her mind. I turn down a side street and park the car in front of what’s looks like a scrap yard.
I then quickly unfasten my seat belt and turn back to look at Griselda. Only wearing her T-shirt now, she reclines in the backseat looking like a bored horny housewife waiting for her husband to return from work as she beckons me with her legs opened wide.
Now the fascinating part of the dream is the following: during the short dream narrative, Griselda suddenly changed jobs; it was like she switched professions right in the middle of the dream.
Let me explain. I have no idea where waking life Griselda works today, but when we dated, she worked in a customer service role at a medical supply company.
At the start of my dream, however, all I knew was that job wise, Griselda was a circus performer.
It wasn’t until she had me in her mouth when I remembered what she did exactly: she was a trapeze artist—a member of the family of acrobats.
And then the strangest thing happened at the end of the dream. As I gazed upon her glory, I came to the realization that while Griselda was still employed by the circus, she was no longer an acrobat. She was now the snake charmer.
What do you think that’s all about?

PJ Grollet is the scribe for the five-volume series, The Book of Dreams and has been published in Horror Sleaze Trash, Stereo Storiesāraśi, and Bare Back Magazine.


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