Poetry: Coloring for Grownups by Alex Phuong

Coloring for Grownups

Young children coloring
Implies a juvenile activity,
And yet as such people
Mature and age,
The global community
Is a worldly stage
Where coloring
With vocal palettes
Offer new opportunities
To make art,
And please do keep at it,
Especially since art and life
To celebrate the miracle of birth,
And having the gift of living
Upon the Earth

Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University—Los Angeles in 2015.  He was a former Statement Magazine editor who writes passionately and daily.  He has written film reviews for MovieBoozer, and has contributed articles to Mindfray.  His writing has appeared in The Bookends Review and The Society of Classical Poets.  Emma Stone inspired Alex to submit writing actively to publications after hearing the Oscar-nominated song, “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” from the “Best Picture” nominee La La Land (2016).  He now writes hoping to inspire the ones who dare to pursue their dreams.