Poetry: I’m So Glad… by Connie Woodring

I’m So Glad…

I don’t have to wait in an airport check-in line.
I don’t have to wait for our bass player to show up for practice.
I won’t be scammed by termite control companies.
There are no more annual job performance evaluations.
And no more car insurance commercials.
No more explaining to my husband why I have mail addressed to me as “Ms.”
No more seeing the torn envelopes addressed as same that I never got to open.
I don’t have to be afraid of large spiders dropping from the ceiling onto my bed at night.
I’ve seen the last of roaches on the stove being sizzled by hot burners.
Was it a sign? That dead bird that dropped on my head on the playground in elementary school?
No matter.
Will it come true? For so many years I slept under my bed, fearful of a nuclear attack.
No matter.
I’m so glad I died last night.

Connie Woodring is a 77-year-old retired psychotherapist who has been getting back to her true love of writing after 45 years in her real job. She has had many poems published in over 40 journals including one nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize. She has had seven excerpts from her yet-to-be-published novel, Visiting Hours, published in various journals.