Poetry: Selections from K.G. Munro


Dancing under the starlight in a storm of yellow pollen,
Summer nights are a backdrop,
As traces of the rain tickles my skin, 
I've always been a hippie,
My affair with nature,
Is the longest one that I've ever had,
People say that I'm a child of the Earth,
But the Moon feels like my roots,
Like the chestnut ones on my head,
As porcelain light shines down on me, 
Each heartbeat in sync with its rotation,
The darkness and warmth,
Is the duality etched into the soul of every person,
The ruby roses flicking against my ankles,
A reminder that I'm creating a moment,
Between myself and this ball of creamy granite.    


A drop of water falling in a forest,
That is all that we are in life,
Alone as we are born and alone as we die
And there are people who can live with that
But for some it is their greatest nightmare
To compensate they let anyone into their story 
But when that person turns into poison ivy 
The loneliness creeps back into their mind 
As they try to hide behind alcohol and drugs 
But the illusions never last long enough 
Running becomes their solution,
But the rubber of their soles will be gone 
The idea of being by yourself has many 
negative connotations
Which is why it is easier to do everything 
But face it.

K.G. Munro is an author and poet. Here are a few of her writing credits: Oddball Magazine, Poetry Potion, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Muddy River Review, Splendeur Magazine, Green Ink Magazine, and Feversofthemind.