Poetry: Selections from Taylor Dibbert

Nowhere to Hide

He’s meeting a friend for drinks
At his local watering hole
And the two of them
Talk about all kinds of things,
And then his friend asks him
If he still writes poetry
And he says yes,
And the friend asks what it is
About poetry that he likes so much,
And he doesn’t know where to begin,
The search for precision,
The examination of pain,
Revisiting old scars and
Processing fresh wounds,
Readying oneself
For the trauma and triumphs ahead,
But more than anything else,
What he likes about poetry
Is the urgent need to get to the point
And the fact that there’s nowhere to hide.

Drama Junkies

Stay away
From those
Drawn to drama,
Things won’t change
With time.

Liquid Distractions

Modelo Especial
And Bulleit Bourbon,
A combination
That’s really
Working tonight,
Not because
It’s easing
The heartbreak
Of losing London,
But because
It’s distracting him
From thinking about
All the pain
That’s still to come.

Taylor Dibbert is a writer, journalist, and poet. He's author of the Peace Corps memoir Fiesta of Sunset, and the forthcoming poetry collection Home Again.