Poetry: A Zit Behind the Moon by Daniel Jaeger

A Zit Behind the Moon

Bricks wrapped in string
and tied to thousands    
of nerve endings                  
spiral down, unraveling  
my nerves with them.        
Hooves and horns grab
my nerves like ribbons
and dance around
me; the maypole.
My body digests
itself into
breath clotted &
grind-stoned dirty pulp.
Kiss the bloom, strawberry dawn
reflects a glint
on the belly’s earth.
I regurgitate
this celestial body,
this entire
planet from a seed.
Another day
Another collar
Another weight
Another drag
My swollen cage begs raw,
reaches behind a curtain
for something more.
The curtain dissolves;
more pours less & low.
Vertical collapses
the horizon.
A lost vantage
fights to surface
a frozen lake.
But the bricks, wrapped
in string, spiral down.
Submerged and suffocating,
tenebrous blue.
Light dances ripples
across the surface.
Binary steps
translate the path
which melts from experience.
Electric shivers
liberate skin
from a business suit;
refined meaning.
Reborn wearing placenta.
A cresting threshold
stretches manifested,
eclipsing the plumb &
transcends the level.
Emerge from the lake
a brand new dimple
beauty mark pock;
Glistening Randy.
Skip over dolphins,
elate & animated,
blood pulses my throat
& excites an eruption.
Technicolor dreams
of funk-hued swamps
& kaleidoscope forests
turn in my face.
Dumbfounded dumb
giddy grin yuppie
finger pistol pop
fell the sun to the sea.
& the bricks, wrapped
in string, spiral down.
my nerves with them.

Daniel Jaeger lives and works in Portland, Oregon. A poet and artist at heart, he doesn’t want to live fighting for literary appreciation, but he wants literary appreciation. He doesn’t care if everyone likes his work, but he wants you to like his work. He has work published in Rejection Letters.


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