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Dear  A Thin Slice of Anxiety  readers, I know. You’re probably thinking: “What now?” But hear me out. When I was around the age of seven or eight, I was in the habit of writing and illustrating my own magazines. I would then distribute them to friends and family for their enjoyment. (Whether they ultimately enjoyed them or not is still up in the air). And so as a sort of extension of some of these earlier efforts I have decided to transition this blog into a literary journal. I suppose the reason for this endeavor, this project, stems from the desire to do all of those things that people who start magazines all seem to get to do. (Things that I have always been denied). Growing up I longed to engage in the many things that would elevate my own level of sophistication and would covet every opportunity to peruse every publication on display at our local bookstore, in addition to the innumerable books, whenever we had the occasion to take the two hour drive into town to do so. (Barnes an

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