A Thin Slice of Anxiety is an independent publication which strives to nurture and promote the best up-and-coming writers of our generation. Writers who are brave enough to guide us into places of amalgamation where the unplumbed depths of the known are made and unmade. Encouraging us to explore the amaranthine abyss and ruthless shadowlands which make up the human condition. 

We are committed to publishing, above all, authentic perspectives which seeks only to democratize our current discourse however possible. This will be neither a safe-house nor a slum; it is simply a journal devoted to the peculiar notion that the reading life should be more engaging and adventurous than other more mainstream publications often allow.


Managing Editor:
Cody Sexton

Assistant Editor:
Courtenay S. Gray 

Paula C. Deckard

Copy Editor:
Joe Haward

Reviews Editor:
Nadia Bruce-Rawlings

Media Coordinator:
Steve Passey

Interviews Editor:
Mark McConville

Sebastian Vice

Dan Denton

G.R. Tomaini

Jesse Hilson