Translucent Eyes Press

In the enigmatic realms where the ordinary collides with the sinister, we stand as the guardians of spectral chronicles, the masterminds behind unsettling realities. This, dear reader, marks the inception of a new horror imprint, born of the creative alliance between Anxiety Press and Outcast Press.

Within the shadowed tapestry of existence, our solemn purpose mirrors that of a dwindling ember's final flicker. We exist to unearth and transcribe the unspeakable terrors concealed within the obscure recesses of our world. With every word we etch upon the page, we beckon you to peer through the ethereal veil, to confront the existential abyss concealed beneath the veneer of everyday life.

Translucent Eyes Press is the harbinger of eldritch and existential narratives. We craft stories that plunge deep into the human experience, where the line between dread and desire blurs into an uncanny fusion. Our mission is to stir introspection and to unravel the delicate fabric of sanity, illuminating the enigma of existence and the eerie allure of despair.

We invite you to accompany us on this unending voyage through the labyrinth of the human psyche, where the pen acts as the guiding lantern, leading us through the most profound and disconcerting corners of the human soul. Welcome to a realm where terror and contemplation coalesce.