Anxiety Press

“A refuge from mainstream banality, Anxiety Press presents thought provoking content that invites readers on a journey of existential exploration.”
— Slavoj Zizek

Anxiety Press is the new imprint from A Thin Slice of Anxiety.

We hold the belief that books are compulsions steeped in raw human emotion and intellect, and our mission is to exclusively release those manuscripts that emerge from the fringes of societal norms. These are narratives that quiver within the confines of our shit-stained reality, crafted in trembling states with language and concepts deemed taboo by the timid masses.

In our pursuit, we crave works that defy convention, pushing the boundaries of literary expression. We are drawn to atmospheres of unease, sensations that warp perception, and narratives that challenge the very notion of storytelling. Show us something uncharted, or don’t waste our fucking time.

Our collection defies categorization, yet collectively serves as a kaleidoscopic reflection of an increasingly dystopian world.

Join us in this audacious revelry of human decay, where all are invited to partake in the transgressive communion.

(We are currently open for book submissions)

Anxiety Press is seeking novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry collections, hybrid works, and all categories of nonfiction.

Editor: Cody Sexton handles all correspondence. 

In the body of your email, please include a cover letter with a short summary of your manuscript. 

Please do not send multiple manuscripts at once.

What we pay:

Our royalty agreement for both print and ebook is 70% of net revenue.

By publishing with Anxiety Press, you grant us the right to publish and distribute your work worldwide in paperback and ebook forms.

All other rights are retained by the author.

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