Poetry: Can our Colors Blend? by Yonatan Arnon

Can our Colors Blend?

You are the white, privileged, independent, who is in control,
‏I am the black, confined, oppressed, controlled,
You talk to me in your tender masculinity,
I am not familiar with your gentle language.
You kindly ask me questions about my personal life and curiously listen,
‏I share about my family that cries, my little one who I barely saw,
and my puppy that yearns for my touch through the weekly phone call.
‏You reflect to me that my family is my anchor, that they can give me 
meaning, hope and connection.
‏Even if they are not physically close by,
You invite me to breathe deeply,
reminding me that breath is always present,
even when I am not present for myself.
I am looking for quietness,
for my alone time,
And perhaps the thirty minutes I have with you,
is the only time of Hesed / Grace I have in the insanity around me
You remind me what it means to feel free through
Even when I return,
To my cell,
To their gehenom/ hell,
To the wild animal they see in me,
I am my breath,
I am free.

Yonatan Arnon is an author, spiritual guide, entrepreneur, seeker, chaplain, and artist. 


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