Poetry: Please Understand by Nicole Reiter

Please Understand

My friend,
please forgive me.
I do want
to spend some time with you.
But I can’t leave the spacious indoors.
Outside is too claustrophobic,
with a boa constrictor always constricting
my breathing— my
blood flow waiting for an ischemic attack.
The trees are too close. And the branches are always
punching, grabbing, pushing,
spinning me like a top.
I’m afraid I’ll fly off the planet.
Gravity is cement
poured over my legs,
keeping me in place,
burning my skin.
The wind on a breezeless day is
Screaming in my ears.
And a mirage of colors turns monochromatic
with black spots—the way it always does before I pass out.
It’s a scary world.
Outside of my house.
You’re mad
thinking I am through with you.
That’s not it. I enjoy your company.
Please try and understand

Nicole Reiter lives in North Carolina. She is a writer, photographer, and medical assistant. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors and practicing martial arts. 


  1. Very interesting. Keep writing.


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