New from Anxiety Press: Boycrush

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Boycrush by James Nulick


Nico is fourteen. He likes drawing, playing basketball, and most of all, riding his bike through his neighborhood. Sounds like a totally normal kid, right? Except he's struggling with his emerging sexuality, and his mom isn't being very helpful.

If you have ever felt different from everyone else, maybe this is the book for you. Ages 14+

Praise for James Nulick

A beautifully written catalog of various kinds of unhappiness.  
– William T. Vollmann on Distemper

The prose is delicately simple yet densely poetic.
– Thomas Ligotti on Valencia

Deeply revealing of the body's incantatory rhythms.
– Jonathan Lethem on The Moon Down to Earth

Delicious sentences. 
– Camden Joy on Lazy Eyes

About the Author

James Nulick is the author of several highly acclaimed books including Lazy EyesThe Moon Down to EarthHaunted Girlfriend, and Valencia.