Poetry: Selections from Nolcha Fox

I squiggle and squirm

in clothes designed
to fit me into
what I’m not.
My scalp just screams
in locks too long.
I can’t pretend
to be less years 
than what my birthday says.
I know I look
like something odd,
when hair is buzzed
and clothes are loose.
A child asks
are you boy or girl?
I smile and answer


I am the quiet one dissolving

into faded wallpaper
that no one sees
because it’s faded,
because it doesn’t move.
That’s the trick
to staying quiet:
Fade and don’t move.

Electric Beater

She frowned the beater
‘round the bowl
to meld the flour into cake.
She laid the beater in the sink.
That’s when we saw
the beater wasn’t electric.
She was.

I kill her

shove her in
a shoe box,
that wild-eyed me
puddle splashing
grabbing the world
by the throat.
Love me, I am lovely,
the killer says.
See how I am good.
Yes, I am good.

And dead.

Nolcha’s poems have been published in Lothlorien Poetry JournalAlien Buddha ZineMedusa’s Kitchen, and others. In addition she is a nominee for 2023 Best of The Net, editor for Kiss My Poetry and Open Arts Forum, accidental interviewer, and faker of fake news.


  1. Reading this small collection of Nolcha's poems has made my day. Nothing is as it seems.


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