Poetry: The London Model by Taylor Dibbert

The London Model

London is an extremely cute dog, 
But he’s not sure that that’s what
He’ll remember most about her,
There’s her fierce loyalty,
Her courage,
Her complete grace under pressure,
Her very high tolerance for pain,
The careful and tender way
That she loves,
The fact that she embraces
Every moment of life,
That she pours everything
Into the here and now,
The London model,
A roadmap of triumph and resilience,
In the next life,
He hopes that London asks him
To be her ghostwriter,
It would be a busy job,
With a mere thirteen pounds of dog,
He doubts that more
Has ever been said.

Taylor Dibbert is a writer, journalist, and poet. He's author of the Peace Corps memoir Fiesta of Sunset, and the forthcoming poetry collection Home Again.