Poetry: Selections from Rachel B Velebny

just something to say

pull my voice from my throat
put it on strings
tease and tug until it speaks
no bad vibes under the
burning spotlight that brands
mistakes into my skin
never to be mistaken for a
girl who knows how to lie
in the appropriate attitude
without breaking the spell
of the fourth wall between
reality and the truth that
strains against my strings
aching to be screamed
i never wanted to be
on this stage

the end

there’s a crack in the corner of my eye
hovering black
a crack in the world
whispers floating out sing a spell
across my skin
a pleading promise
to turn my head towards
the knowledge of every pain
demanding my hands
tear down the rest of the world

you know i knew it

when i finally got a translation
key and understood
the text i couldn’t believe
everyone told
the same story
about me

Rachel B Velebny (she/her) is a writer currently residing in Barcelona. Originally from the United States, Rachel has been living in Europe since 2009.


  1. Your writing is so lyrical and thoughtful


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