Poetry: Wyoming by Phil Canipe

Hookah bars were
a thing I did 
to impress people. 
I never knew 
what to say 
so I just smoked. 
First apricot, 
then cherry. 
Stone fruits let you 
play it safe. 
Eventually chocolate, 
Something mint, 
Before long— 
Look here! 
Look at me! 
It’s Al Fakher and Fumari. 
Then it just got weird: 
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 
Rocky Road, 
photos of mom and dad 
when they were still together. 
You can set fire to anything.

Phil Canipe lives in Charleston, SC where he runs a small family business. This is his first publication. You can find him on Twitter: @WatchPhilPost


  1. A thin slice of ANXIETY..I just love this title


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