Review Policy

Are you an author or publisher looking to get a book reviewed? If interested, simply contact me via my contact page with the following information:

Title & short summary.
Cover image if available.
Length (in pages or approx. words).
Audience (if applicable). 
Is your book part of a series? If so, how many books will be in the series?
Give 3 words that describe your book.
Are you interested in participating in a giveaway or interview?
Do you understand and accept that I will give my honest opinion even if I didn’t like your book?

I get so many requests from authors and publishers that I cannot possibly review them all. Providing the above info will help me decide if I am a good match for your book.
Submitting a request does not guarantee that your book will be reviewed on this blog. I reserve the right to decline any request based on the book not being stylistically compatible with my reading tastes as well as the status of my current backlog. Because of these factors, it may be necessary for me to refuse any review request that I receive. However, you may feel free to resubmit your request at a later date for consideration should circumstances change.

I reserve the right to read and review books on my schedule. I do try to keep to an order of when books are received but I enjoy the freedom to make changes to that order.

DNF Policy
1) I will read every book to at least the 30% mark before making the decision to DNF it.
2) Depending on the reason for DNF I may not review your book on my blog. I may still post a brief reason why I DNF'ed it on Goodreads.
3) I will not assign a star rating to your book if I DNF it. I will possibly talk about the book in a review, stating why I chose not to finish it.

Please note: due to the large volume of requests I receive, I am unable to reply to every email individually. Thank you for understanding.

Rating System


Absolutely loved it! It seriously impressed me. Highly recommended.


Really enjoyed the book and I will look out for more by the author. 


Liked for the most part, but didn’t love it. Book will likely have quite a few flaws, but I might consider reading anything else by the author.


Nothing special or particularly interesting. 


Nothing positive to say about it.

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