Awards: Pushcart Nominees 2021

A Thin Slice of Anxiety is pleased to announce our nominations for the 2022 Pushcart Prize. (The prize chosen by Pushcart Press which anthologizes the best of the small presses each year). 

I am honored to have had so many incredible pieces to choose from to put forward and I am delighted to share with you our nominees. 

As you know here at A Thin Slice of Anxiety our literary landscape dips and dives across diverse genres. And so, to give you a glimpse of the talent on offer, I include below the opening line to each nominated piece.


Joe Haward - Frankie

“The yellow river of bile stung her throat.”

“What’s bad is 2nd shift
and seven 10s, for a month straight.”

Sheldon Lee Compton - Another Cure for Boredom

“Incredibly rude of days to just keep happening like this, one after the other.”


Chere Taylor - Bleach

“The woman comes to visit me and my brother Jorge every day, a chubby white woman with yellow hair.”

Sean Jacques - Stronghold

“I didn’t take losing Susie very well.”

Courtenay S. Gray - Skin

“It's my birthday, and here I am, sitting by myself in his apartment while he plays happy family with his wife and kids.”

Thank you to all of our contributors for sharing your work and for making 2021 much more bearable.

(And if you haven’t yet read their contributions, what the fuck are you waiting for, get them in your queue now!)


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