Poetry: Selections from beat56

drug poetry

drug poetry is a dying art
there are still odes to be dreamwritten
in the night like the sun
coming up like a drug of the
lonely night stars
like loves eyes
and if beauty is eternal
poetry shines
invoked oblivion
is a dying art

Chai tea and cigarettes

books sit quietly
on their shelf
old grunge records
in their soul sleeves
I sit lonesome
like Coleridge
or old Kerouac
a divine fragility
to read such beauty
the drug was childhood
the comedown was memory

this Coca Cola in a glass morning

on a rainy day
makes me feel like
a kid again
for a couple of blissed minutes
fades away
a childhood comedown

beat56 is a grunge lake beat death drug Romantic poet who wants to be a waterfall when he grows up but is cool being a mountain stream.


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