Poetry: Going Forward by Jai Knight

Going Forward

During lockdown
if I ever did feel like a prisoner
then it was from the school of the prisoner Charles Bronson
causing bovver wiv the screws (me)

These new gringos tho are mucho loco
a buncha belchers & touchers (all 7)
belching each other’s pet names
belching naturist sing-alongs
belching “It’s your round lover”

This lady I’m seeing’s seriously kinky
craves a fold
fold her anyway she wants
even tucked her into a suitcase one time
clothes folded
sheet folded
fold her away
hospital corners

And so it unfolds, Danger City
known by day as Mark
code breaker by night
dodger by day/night
drugger by night/day/night
dogger by mid/early evenings (except weekends, which he can do til well late)

Lately I’ve been purging myself
of pictures of Mickey
mostly it’s been cathartic
Sandy saw me doin it &
Dear Diary,

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