Poetry: Syllables by Camille Lewis


How many make another person happy?

Three is said to be a magic number.

Ro-me-o Mont-a-gue & Ju-li-et Cap-u-let

Pound three times on the lids

Of their tombs. No! Look what happened to us!


How hard can it be to break down?

One-two-three! Just like that.

The obvious contender: i-love-you.


Now, this time:

With feeling. Project your voice.

Say it with a mouth full of

stars; say it like you have three

syllables left in the world

and you hand them to me, glistening

with hunger.

One, two, three, the waltz goes on.

Camille Lewis is a writer, avid reader and Plathian from South West England who lives with borderline personality disorder. She reads for The Winnow and Bandit Fiction.


  1. love the idea behind this

  2. This is absolutely fantastic

  3. This is so musical, like a dance �� ��


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