Poetry: Selections from Charles Kruger

Nitty Gritty Haikus

My father hates me
Because I have erections
He can go get fucked

All our therapies
And all our desperate efforts
Will not ease some pains
The truth is quite hard
Parents don't always mean well
Some are murderers
Father god himself
Supposedly killed his son
And called it holy
He created death
Condemned all of his children
Then blamed us for it
My father is dead
And I do not have children
Why am I not free?
The love is complex
Between creation and God
That crucifying bastard

The Artist Talks Back to the Mirror

I'm always taking care of things
Always getting it done
Always more or less fastidious
Always come from the angle
Never look at anything straight
Don't let anyone look you in the eye
I'm not reliable, you know
Always knocking things over
Everything is broken as everything
Should be broken
I am a promise breaker
Unashamedly clumsy
Always knocking
Always crashing
Into something
I clean up
Try not to leave a mess
Walk away scot-free

Charles Krugeraka "The Storming Bohemian," lives and works by the San Francisco Bay. His activities include writing, organizing literary events, maintaining a theatre review website, and being a proud  teacher of "Jack Grapes' Method Writing." He was a founding board member of two Bay area literary series, Quiet Lightning and Bay Area Generations. He has been published by Sparkle + Blink,  LitSeenThe Rumpus, OnTheBus, Red Fez, and other purveyors of literature, reputable and otherwise. He has been called "abrasive" by some, "a pleasure to work with" by others, and a "preeminent critic" by the SF Weekly. Go figure.


  1. 'Nitty Gritty Haikus' is Philip Larkin and Edward St Aubyn on acid. Brilliant!

  2. Love these, both are incisive and intense. I particularly love "Nitty Gritty..." How did you so elequently write what so many of us feel...


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