From the Editor

Dear A Thin Slice of Anxiety Readers,

I am thrilled to announce that we have a new addition to our team. Please join me in warmly welcoming Nadia Bruce-Rawlings, our new Reviews Editor. Nadia brings with her a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that will undoubtedly enhance our publication.

Nadia is an extraordinary individual whose life experiences have shaped her writing in profound ways. Her stories are infused with a cathartic realism, drawing from the grains of her once gritty life. Nadia's journey has taken her across the globe, as she grew up traveling and living in various countries before eventually finding her place in Los Angeles. There, she embarked on a long and illustrious career in the film industry.

Since 1998, Nadia has been on a remarkable path of recovery from drugs, alcohol, and the scars of an abusive upbringing. Her resilience and determination have not only transformed her own life but have also become a source of inspiration for others. Alongside her husband, Nadia has settled in the serene landscapes of the Nashville area, where she finds solace in writing by the lake whenever she can escape the joyful chaos of their six kids and lovable dog.

Her stories "Fire" and "Scars" both achieved the distinction of being finalists in Glimmer Train's esteemed writing contests. In 2014, her anthology "SCARS" was published by Punk Hostage Press, and she followed up with another anthology titled "DRIVING IN THE RAIN" in 2020. Moreover, Nadia's captivating story, "Peace Accord," graced the pages of the Spring 2018 edition of Bluestem Magazine, captivating readers with its emotional depth.

Beyond the realm of writing, Nadia has demonstrated her versatility and creativity. In 2017, she co-wrote a powerful song with fellow author Lois Berg, which was featured in "Battered But Not Broken" — a theatrical event they created and also starred in. Debuting at The Darkhorse Theatre, the show served as a fundraiser for battered women and garnered notable recognition as a Critic's Pick in the Nashville Scene.

With her remarkable journey, literary accomplishments, and unwavering dedication to creating meaningful art, Nadia is an ideal fit for our publication. As our new Reviews Editor, she will bring a fresh perspective, keen insights, and a passion for storytelling that will undoubtedly enrich our coverage of arts and culture.

We are truly excited to have her on board and look forward to the valuable contributions she will make to our publication.

Best regards,

Cody Sexton

Managing Editor/Founder/Creator