New from Anxiety Press: Consequences of 50 Shades

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Consequences of 50 Shades by Aimee Nicole


“Anxiety Press presents Consequences of 50 Shades—a poetic journey that examines desire with unflinching honesty, and unravels the emotional complexities of human relationships, leaving readers captivated and introspective.”
— Amanda Insley, Professor of Art History

Consequences of 50 Shades weaves an evocative tapestry of words, inviting readers to peer into the shadows where desire and consequence entwine.“
— Justine Jones, freelance editor

About the Author

Aimee Nicole is a chronically ill/disabled, queer poet currently residing in Rhode Island. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Roger Williams University and has been published by various lit mags. For fun, she enjoys overusing her public library system and has recently discovered the art of nail charms. Her collections include Daily Worship published by Laughing Ronin Press and Panoramic published by Curious Corvid Publishing. Her most recent release is a choose your own adventure titled My Kink Adventure (Curious Corvid Publishing). You can find her on Instagram @aimeenicole525 posting terrible selfies and pictures of her oversized cat.