New from Anxiety Press: Bacchus Against the Wall

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Bacchus Against the Wall by Roy Duffield


“Forget about holding back, because Duffield sure as hell doesn't. His language is raw, unfiltered, and as honest as a drunk confession at 3 a.m. He captures the essence of Bacchus, that rebellious spirit that demands you break free from the chains that bind you.”
— Owen Grey, author of Puking Up Rednecks

“Duffield's words don't tiptoe around polite society; they kick it square in the balls and laugh about it. This chapbook is a wild ride, an invitation to embrace your inner Bacchus and unleash the chaos within.”
— Sophia Jameson, author of Keep the Fat Side Down

Author Bio

Roy Duffield is a writer and translator from the working class and helps edit Anti-Heroin Chic—a journal that puts those on the outside inside. His writing, which deals heavily with social injustice, has won some stuff, been nominated/shortlisted for other stuff and has recently been spotted entering such reputable establishments as Into the Void, Seppuku, The Nashville Review, Versification, Rise Up Review, Sein und Werden, Cephalopress's Ink Sac, Unlikely Stories, Selcouth Station, Lune: The Journal of Literary Misrule, Metatron Press's video poetry series and The London Reader's recent Raves & Resistance: Counterculture number.


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