Poetry: Selections from Stephen Jarrell Williams

It's Going Where It Wants To Go

Last car on the rim of the world
squinting into the rearview mirror
driving over a hundred miles a second

I see you
in your lost cause
unable to reach a conclusion

pitying yourself
but more for those that forgot
how to think in a credible way

all the skyscrapers tipping over
into a bottomless crevice
filling with bubbling goo

you scream now
looking ahead

the highway heading upward
winding into the great mountains
of future valleys of tricks that fail

they and you
have no clues

a joke
and terror

car empty of gas
but the engine continues to roar
speeding beyond belief

tires spinning in a blur
silent brakes

you dare
not turn the steering wheel

it's going where it wants to go....


First THEY fed on the humming birds
sucking their needle beaks
appealing to their want
of a quick jab

then the bees
THEY craved
their tiny little stingers

greedily scrambling
to the hornets
loving the swelling of their bites

all the nectar solutions
lifting them to a high point
flying into the dirty clouds
overlooking the enbelcile humans

letting us think
THEY were from another world
but that was a lie

THEY were from the underworld
planning for centuries
when THEY should appear

our children knowing
crawling under their beds
only to discover a trap door.

The Scratching

Something has been scratching
at the outside walls

house walls and apartments
buildings and every wall everywhere

during the night
keeping everyone awake

world news demanding an answer
governments panicking

then it began
voices under the floors

people coming out of their houses
praying to the sky for help

until they realized
it was too late

the darkness already here to stay.

Stephen Jarrell Williams has had over a thousand poems published here and there and distant places where the light still glows. He was the editor of Dead Snakes and can be found on Twitter X @papapoet.


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