Poetry: Selections from Kate Lincoln


Mirrors have become       
my enemy:                 
revealing truths that     
I spend hours avoiding.
Haunted images are        
reflected in the          
many glasses.            

The person I see        
is not who I            
expected to become.

Lemon Tree                  

When I was a child,         
we had a lemon tree         
that always bloomed         
in December.
Its limbs would droop       
with the weight             
of frosty citrus,
ignoring Winter’s command   
to remain barren.

Oh, how I long            
to be that lemon tree.

suicide at 2:00pm                   

what do you do                      
when you find out                   
your Big                            
tried to kill herself               
in the middle of the day?           

usually, that’s the kind of thing   
that happens at night,              
you know?                           
in the darkness, where it can       
hide from the harsh light of day.   

but today, at 2:00pm,               
i found out                         
that my Big                         
tried to kill herself.              
in case you care:                 
                 she didn’t succeed.

Kate Lincoln is a senior English and Musical Theatre double major at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. In addition to writing poetry, she is currently in the middle of a large research project exploring Edgar Allan Poe's Oedipus complex and his portrayal of women in his short stories. She has been passionate about poetry since a young age and is hoping to release her next book, 16th Grade in the coming year. 


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