New From Anxiety Press: All the Sweet Prettiness of Life

A Thin Slice of Anxiety is pleased to announce the inaugural publication from our new imprint Anxiety Press: All the Sweet Prettiness of Life 

“If you love Neil Gaiman, then you’ll definitely hate my book.” — Cody Sexton


The past is never as dead as it looks.


“... deliciously filthy...” — Justine Jones

“... it's style is genuine to its confessionary prose and what it promises it will do, it does brilliantly.” — James Bergman

“Hits hard. Actually made me horny too!” — G.C. McKay

About the Author

Cody Sexton is the managing editor for A Thin Slice of Anxiety. His work has been featured at The Indie View, Writer Shed Stories, The Diverse Perspective, Detritus, Revolution John, Due Dissidence, and As It Ought To Be Magazine where he is a regular contributor. In addition he is also a 2020 Best of the Net Nominee for his pioneering essay The Body of Shirley Ann Sexton.


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