From the Editor

Dear A Thin Slice of Anxiety readers,

I’ve been looking forward to announcing this news for sometime now, but in addition to Anxiety Press and the online magazine, we will also be publishing a yearly print journal that we’re affectionately calling: Anxious Nothings.

This journal will be themed: Everything from transgressive creative writing to confrontational political criticism, and sleazy, shameless erotic stories. And with any luck it will hopefully establish itself as a home for rejects of the cautious, yet tasteful literary world. A journal of restless projections, border enthrallments, veiled compulsions, precarious reflections, and abnormal juxtapositions. (A league of perverts and malcontents if you will). 

So, go on. Titillate the fuck out of us!

(I’d also really appreciate it if you shared this announcement with anyone you think might be profane and distasteful enough to be interested).

Best regards,

Cody Sexton
Managing Editor/Founder/Creator