Poetry: Gore Vidal’s Burner Account by Scott Cumming

Gore Vidal's Burner Account
Imagine he’d been born in ‘85
Might not appear on any chat shows
but he’d host a legendary burner account
that would leave us thirsting
for more ire
Every writer a goddamned liar
Denigrate baring a
Shit eating grin
This indie scene
a porcine
shit sty
for undiscerning eyes
Chances are he wouldn’t hide
behind a parody account
He’d spit in your eye
Punch you in the mouth
Not jealousy
just rock solid belief
putting us on blast
knowing he'd outlast
any hashtag
or misplaced fury
as your blood, shit and tears
mix into a raging paste
He’d track you down
Say it to your face.

Scott Cumming unsuspectingly went to see Garden State wearing his Shins tee. He has been published at The Daily Drunk, Punk Noir Magazine, Versification, and Shotgun Honey. His poem, Blood on Snow was voted the best of Outcast-Press: Poetry Things We Carry issue and nominated for a Pushcart. His collection, A Chapbook About Nothing will be released in December.