Poetry: Selections from Janelle Finamore

Blue Cotton Candy 

The day dissolves in my mouth like cotton candy finding it’s peaceful end 
Hesitant to believe that this never ending day would actually conclude
Trapped in a permanent wet tongue
Down slimy throat, intestinal shame 
A life of toilet and drains and shit water!?
When it had once been so light, so airy, so sugary sweet. 
And so pretty. 
Once so cheap and disease-less
Warless and free.

The News

I’m in the shower rinsing off the news of your dead aunt who raised you
And by dead I mean
Almost dead
So much of the body, a dying machine 
Wire cut clean like Montana wind. 
Unraveled ribbon,
a small slender hope. 
And these are not good times to begin with. 
A home is for rich and the rich alone

Eggs are pricey, and
Putin’s nuclear missiles are not made of 

paper mache’ although the west
would prefer it so.   
So thinking of ancestor’s ghosts is like
swallowing an elephant 

After we already swallowed the sky 
and gulped every country’s rain.
The news is a Nesting doll of basements 
Doesn’t death fear dying?
Let’s kill death so that it’s blood
can brighten the globe and lift the mood
Our world, a bowling ball
crashing into the pins of death 

A strike. 

The Flood 

The unhinged deck floating, it’s head
Barely above water 
Already rotten
The tapestry of my swinging emotions washed onto marshy shore
I can’t even salvage your love
Your tears twist into a figure eight 
Snip snip
Unknot me
Unfettered, liberated as 
Your face skates gently towards me, 
power, purpose 
of a hungry sea-lion
A moat grows around my heart. 
Please sift through this mess and find
Heavy oars 
Row to me

Janelle Finamore is a musician, poet, and teacher located in Orange County, CA. Most recently, her work appeared in Sad Girls LitPoet Magazine, Humans of the World, Academy of the Heart and MindAriel Chart, Literary YardSpillwords, among others. She has been Poet of the Month for Moon Tide Press and her fairy tale “The Girl Who Stuck Out Like a Sore Thumb” was published in Bohemia magazine. In addition she is also an active member of various poetry workshops and her chapbook “The Power of Silly Putty and Lipstick Kisses” is available on Amazon


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