Poetry: Selections from Sharone

The Chanel Purse

The black mink blindfold
Then the door slammed
The sound of your zipper
I adhered to your command.
You told me what to do
But you wouldn’t let me see
A luxurious gift sat on the bed
That you whispered was just for me.
You let me enjoy the pleasure
Of the sensuous way you shot your shine
You ordered me to lick it off
And the gift would then be mine.
I did exactly that
While you watched with dreamy eyes,
I took the gift lovingly,
Without any ties.

That Red Lipstick Again

The evil look that I love
The door once again slammed
Just like always
I’m in your command.
The roses touched my face
You leaned in so near
The smoke from your cigarette
I smelled the fear.
I knew what was next
You performed with style and grace
Erotically smearing my red lipstick
Across my “Chanel-ed” face.
Never ceasing to amaze
You always know what I like
And the falling rose petals
That know when to strike.
So evil I hate you
But you won’t go away
Even though our moments are fleeting
We both choose to stay.

One Day We Were Together

One day we were together
You even took my hand
It gave me so much splendor
To be in your command.
You spoke of being kinky
Your gestures were so cool
But how was I to know
I’d be your slave and fool.
You punished me with madness
You beat me with your lies
You treated me so thoughtless
Your tactics were so wise.
I melted to your wishes
I have your everything
I just wanted your hands to touch me
But it was only anguish you did bring.
You were so mean, so cruel, so bad
But little did I see
The pleasure you were getting
When you stepped on me.
I found out much to late
When you untied me to be free
That now I wanted you more than ever
So much more than you wanted me.

Sharone has lived a multi-colored life filled with pain, punk, and pleasure.