Poetry: Untitled #74 by Oliver Baer

74. So it follows the razor moon
Padding through cloud blood
Gushing from woods into meadow
Obscuring the imprint we made in the grass
Freezing the blades in place
The dirt disturbed in clumps
Marking our movements
A sickle light reaping the wild wind
That made us run
As the sky falls down
We fell to earth
The world’s changes ashes in an urn
Sprinkled about the garden
Golden year dreams filter into cinders
Through cold silver light
Zombie echoes of king’s words
As your hair falls around me in our bed
I reach for a slice of time together

Oliver Baer was the editor for Cthulhu Sex Magazine and Two Backed Books. He mostly writes dark poetry and horror stories with the occasional blog post, review, essay and play. He has two books out: Letters to the Editor of Cthulhu Sex Magazine and Baer Soul. He was the writer for Deena Warner’s Halloween Card project in 2021. He also has a CD of poetry set to music, Gathering Souls by A Conclave of Baer, which became a show in NYC. He can be found on social media at: Twitter and Facebook and much of his work can be found online at tentacularity