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Dear A Thin Slice of Anxiety Readers,

In the rugged embrace of the Catskills in New York State, we're excited to introduce Jesse Hilson as our newest columnist, ready to unveil his unfiltered narratives in a debut column titled “Ricochets”Hilson, a versatile creator, explores the realms of fiction, poetry, art, comics, essays, and book reviews, leaving his mark on platforms like Maudlin House, Rejection Letters, Expat Press, Hobart, Misery Tourism, Excuse Me Mag, Pink Plastic House, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Exacting Clam, Don’t Submit, Bruiser and more.

Traversing the diverse landscapes of human experience, Hilson's work resonates internationally, making appearances on L'├ętranger Radio Panik 105.4 in Brussels. The author of two novels, Blood Trip (Close to the Bone UK) and The Tattletales (Prism Thread), Hilson fearlessly challenges narrative norms. His poetic finesse is evident in the chapbook Handcuffing the Venus De Milo (Bullshit Lit), where he skillfully weds the ethereal and the earthly.

As we welcome Jesse Hilson to our literary community, anticipate the 2024 release of his short story collection, She Took Her Half Out the Middle, courtesy of Anxiety Press. Immerse yourself in the raw and unapologetic narratives of "Ricochets," where Hilson's unique voice takes center stage.

Connect with him in the digital realm on X and Instagram at @platelet60, where the heartbeat of his creativity extends far beyond the written word.

Here's to the untamed spirit of storytelling.


Cody Sexton

Managing Editor/Founder/Creator


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