Poetry: Selections from M. Lee Woe

I’d Rather

Terrified to go back home
To lose everything I’ve worked for 
and go back to that hell hole

A child 
Should never fear home
The place they grew up in
The place that should be a haven

To God, to the Father, to the Almighty
To the parents who gave you life
As a punishment for your crimes

Terrified to go back home 
I’d Rather

Anxiety Driven Insomnia


What happens now?
I feel like I'm
floating through space.
No hope,

No danger

Only a question

"What now?"

Mind is empty

Chaos hushes

As I float

further away.

Lingering sounds

won't let me rest

as it repeats:

"What should I do now?"

We stay empty

We stay silent

We stop thinking.

"What now?"


There is nothing

We do nothing
We sleep

Just one question:
I must ask
Please tell me
What now?”

M. Lee Woe ran away from an abusive religious home at the tender age of seventeen. Today, she works as an analyst for a fortune 500 company, is Co-Owner of Outcast Press, and owns interestcircle.com (an up-and-coming social media website where writers and anyone with similar hobbies and vocations can gather and collaborate.) Obsessed with serial killer documentaries, her short story The Secret Smile (A story about an on-campus serial rapist) will be featured in the anthology In Filth It Shall Be Found releasing in the fall of 2021. Woe is also the author of The Krovs Trilogy