New From Anxiety Press: Screw Factory

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Screw Factory  by Edward Anki


Screw Factory  is a collection of poetry which deals realistically with the seeming impenetrability of modern life.


“There’s a certain muscle in Anki’s work. A certain spit in the eye. There is also a kind of singing which can be heard above the howling and the madness. Something’s trying to break free, and in that process of becoming, manages to generate an undeniable clarity.” — Justine Jones, freelance editor

“The future / formed / around me” with the past and the present. Episodes of The Bachelor when the screw is turned right; dive hotel rooms with cracked bathroom mirrors rise when we gently muscle up with a countered turn. “Time is too tight” yet these poems by Edward Anki sharpen and relate to us with each captured moment stamped into verse. The screw turns with the page, mounting the window to the wall like a monitor.  What will you make of its view?  Barracuda Guarisco, author of Uncomfortable Music and co-author of SCANNNNdy

“It was Cody Sexton who suggested I read and offer a blurb for this book before publication. I agreed and finished it before I knew what the fuck happened. It’s dark, definitely not a clean read, but goddamn it’s refreshing. It’s really an eye opener, and has actually given me the courage to live life a little differently. After all, it’s all about the journey, whatever the hell that means.”  Janelle Janson, reviewer

“Raw, unrefined, nasty, and extremely well written.” — Owen Grey, author of Puking Up Rednecks

“I had never heard of Anki before this book. But after finding a free moment one afternoon I decided it was time to crack this mother open. Fifteen pages in, I called my boss, told him there was no possible way I was working that night, then proceeded to drink my way through this masterful collection of poems. Highly recommend.” — Chad White, reviewer

About the Author

Edward Anki’s poetry has appeared in Cacti FurThe Feathertale Review, (parenthetical), Qwerty, The Chaffin Journal, and others. A chapbook of his poetry, Remote Life, was published by BareBackPress. A former stand-up comic, bartender, and agonized telemarketer, Edward is currently engaged in part-time studies to become a psychotherapist.