Poetry: Selections from Jeremy Szuder


We have scoffed at belief,

made emojis out of praying hands.
And as fire, flood, and storm
rape the very scaffolding that
this hut of man must tirelessly
sit upon, I cannot stop but wonder;
have we gone too far
in our pompous prideful ignorance

and pushed the fabled rule book of God
out into a cesspool of exuberant
decadence and loveless despair?
Will no Gods ever again grant us
the coveted light once used to frighten
our children and blind the eyes
of the wrong doers of this planet
and instead perhaps now,
they all have come together for this
stretch of one last lesson to learn...
that we have let go of far too much
to formulate anymore real human gumption?
Perhaps those Gods will have to wipe
us all clean away from the face of
our well overstayed space again.

Last Evening Twitch (Fifth Wind)

I crawl around inside the walls
of my own castle,
a glass of wine here, a poetry book
there, copious spoonfuls of
yogurt around one in the morning.
Cars zip past this address late at night,
and boxed in so nicely
and somehow sore but pacified
into the winks of this evening,
I sit on my throne of thorns,
more tired then awake, desperately
in search of that fifth wind that
might carry my tattered and bent
mind out into one more dose
of artistic celebration.
To those of you capable
of perhaps one more second
of concern, of interest in such
grandiose dandruff and fluff
to boot, here it comes...
the cats yawn and my children
toss and turn, wondering when
I will finally bring my simple
warmth of body into bed and
call it a fucking night already!

Jeremy Szuder is a chef by night and creator of poetry and illustrations by day. His past track record in the arts includes; 15 years as a musician in various bands (drums, vocals), graphic design work for clothing/skateboard companies, 25 plus years of self published Zines, showings of fine art in the underground art scene, a 10 year plus stint spinning vinyl at various events all across the city, and at present time continues to have both illustrations and poems published in over a dozen fine art and literary publications all across the US as well as Canada. He continues to call Los Angeles California, via Glendale, his home.