New from Anxiety Press: Song of the Sister

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Song of the Sister by Leia John


I’m sorry for what I said when I was in love


“This is quite an achievement.” — Justine Jones, editor 

"In Song of the Sister, Leia John fuses together flesh, desire, vulnerability, and lived reality, with the songs and symbolism of ancient voices burning with passionate familiarity. The result? A remarkable work of human experience that tattoos itself upon your soul." - Joe Haward, author of Heresy

“Song of the Sister is a tender, lyrical, beautifully rendered portrait of the conception, death(s) and rebirth of a romantic relationship. At once a celebration and an elegy of a fraught love affair, this is a quietly devastating collection of linked poems that almost reads as a novella-in-verse. The language is gorgeous throughout, each poem shrewdly uttered in the frank and formidable voice that we’ve come to expect from Leia John. Presented alongside equally stunning visual imagery, these are poems that both sing and scream. To paraphrase the poet, ‘I could spend all my nights in awe / of this beauty Leia John, and consider it a / life well spent.’ Song of the Sister is a revelation of the highest order, I adored it.” - HLR, author of History of Present Complaint
Erotic/elegiac/lamentatious poetry that reads like some of the hippest/disruptive Trash Fiction U wanna read.” - DuVay Knox, author of Pussy Detective

About the author 

Leia John is a poet, writer, seminarian and all around fucking lunatic.