New from Anxiety Press: The Bacanora Notebooks

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of The Bacanora Notebooks by Mather Schneider


“The world discovered Van Gogh after he was dead. Please world—discover Mather Schneider while he’s still alive. He’s that good. And The Bacanora Notebooks is Schneider at his best.”
-Mark Rogers, author of Uppercut

“A love story set in an American southwest colored by housefires and dumps, and bacanora. Frijoles charlas cervezas sudor pobreza plata y amor, stick your nose in Schneider's working man's border bible. One of the great reads of 2023, or any other year. Gritty and unapologetic.”
-Colin Gee, author of Lips

“In polished vignettes, Schneider’s stripped-down prose exposes the hypocrisy, selfishness, and petty cruelty that’s ubiquitous these days, at the same time expressing great tenderness and compassion for both victims and perpetrators.”
-Mark Parsons, poet

About the Author

Mather Schneider's poetry and prose have appeared in many places since 1994. He has 6 books available and lives in Mexico.


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