New from Anxiety Press: The Hatefuck Sonnets

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: The Hatefuck Sonnets by Johannes de Stiletto 


“With verses that hit like a one-two combo, this collection is a poetic knockout that’ll leave you gasping for air and clutching your sides with laughter.”
— Sebastian Vice, co-founder of Outcast Press

“The Hatefuck Sonnets are a monstrous concoction; part de Sadean Libertine treatise, part Ginsbergian glory hole with a veneer of Victorian dandy sensibility. A dissonant shock to the senses that's riotously funny and endlessly entertaining.”
— Leia John, Song of the Sister

About the Author

Johannes de Stiletto is an insufferable garçon who was nursed on Pabst Blue Ribbon and whom subscribes to the cult of decadence.