Poetry: Selections from Sandrine Davin

Letter from a soldier

On foul ground
I write you these few words
I'm fine, don't worry
I long for rest.
The sun always rises
But I never see him
Black lives in my dreams
But I'm fine, don't worry...

The stars don't shine anymore
They sped around the corner,
The wind that was my friend
Today I curse him.
But I'm fine, don't worry...

The blood runs down my cheek
A tear from us
It's so cold on this floor
I am alone, I take off.

But I'm fine, don't worry...
My eyelids are getting heavy
The sandman will pass And
my ears are deaf
I draw a line under the
past. But I'm fine, don't

On foul ground
I wrote these few words I
know they will get to you To
announce my rest to you.
I'm fine, don't worry...

Between my lips

The name of the flesh
The story of my being
The story of my land
time continues
To plow my wrinkles
I walk
Again and again
In the ruins of the night

View of EHPAD

Sitting behind the window
She is waiting.
A sparrow pecks
The last crumbs
From his lunch.
She smiles at him.
The days no longer count.
Nights are no longer nights.
The silence howls
To his deaf ears.
She is waiting.
From below the window
I see you.
You're still beautiful
Your smile ricochets off my pupils
And I send to waltz
My hand to you.
The desire to hold you in my arms,
To caress your face.
A dream, an illusion.
Soon, I promise...


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