New From Anxiety Press: Soundproof in Satellite Town

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of Soundproof in Satellite Town by Graham Rae


An independent Scotland, 2124. Welcome to a country in chaos. Young people are sterilized after a worldwide Battle of the Sexes causes a huge population boom in 2102. The Scottish Ruling Party sucks up revenues and makes poor people work for their dole in nonexistent jobs, or they will starve. Sci-fi-religion-worshiping suicide bombers blow themselves up to kill infodels. Freedom fighters battle for the liberation of Scottish oil and gas revenues to benefit the people of the country, and to stop fracking.

Into this mass of mess comes Johnny Certex and Ratsoup, two young men determined not to be beaten down by the inhuman system they have been born into. They have avoided their manufactured jobs for five years on leaving hi skool, but have now been captured and must go to work on Monday morning. But in the weekend before they do so they will play digigames and drink and think and hang out with hacktivist friends and play in their crappy go-nowhere band Soundproof. A weekend of blackly humorous booze and sex and muzak and chaos awaits.


“New writers, like Graham Rae, will always shock + delight a new generation of readers.” – JG Ballard

"Soundproof in Satellite Town crackles with the wit, (unintentional) wisdom, and sheer, unadulterated energy of great rock ‘n’ roll. Lester Bangs, I think you’d be proud.” — Jim DeRogatis

"Graham Rae makes heterosex sound quite appealing. Which is of course the test of any great fiction writer." — Mark Simpson

SIST should be required reading for every disenchanted zillenial, aimless millennial, and burn-out gen x-er across the country. The most criminally underrated writer (and novel) since the inception of ink on paper.” — Chris Kelso, author of The Black Dog Eats the City

"Mr. Rae's language vibrates and buzzes from the page like a Scots cyber-sabre, smelling like spilled beer and burnt wiring." — JG Thirlwell

"If Henry Miller decided to rip off both William Gibson and William Burroughs, it might read like this gritty sexplosive novel set in the 22nd century." — Richard Kern

About the Author

Graham Rae has been published on both sides of the Atlantic since he was a teenager, on the net and in magazine form. He has written for venues like Deep Red, Samhain, The List, Cinefantastique, American Cinematographer, Diabolique, 3amand Dangerousminds. Wherever normal is, he is not.